World Bank Projects

World Bank Funded Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network Development Project (UPCRNDP) Size:1.6 MB | Lang:English
1 ESMF Size:4.8 MB | Lang:English Download
2 UPCRNDP SECPO Executive Summary Size:327 KB | Lang:English Download
3 Resettlement Policy Frame work Size:863 KB | Lang:English Download
4 Indigenous Peoples Policy Frame work Size:863 KB | Lang:English Download
5 FINAL EIA & EMP_Hamirpur-Rath-Jul15 Size:10.2 MB | Lang:English Download
6 FINAL EIA & EMP_Gauratha-Chirgoan-Jul15 Size:9.4 MB | Lang:English Download
7 FINAL EIA & EMP_Gola Shahjahanpur-Jul15 Size:9.5 MB | Lang:English Download
8 FINAL EIA & EMP_Badaun-Bilsi-Bijnaour-Jul15 Size:11.9 MB | Lang:English Download
9 Final RAP_Badaun-Bilsi-Bijnaour_Aug15 Size:16.0 MB | Lang:English Download
10 Executive Summary(RAP)-Badaun-Bilsi-Bijnaour_Aug15 Size:643 KB | Lang:English Download
11 Final RAP_Gola-Shahjahanpur_Aug15 Size:16.6 MB | Lang:English Download
12 Executive Summary(RAP)-Gola-Shahjahanpur_Aug15 Size:643 KB | Lang:English Download
13 Final RAP_Garautha-Chirgaon_Aug15 Size:16.6 MB | Lang:English Download
14 Executive Summary(RAP)-Garautha-Chirgaon_Aug15 Size:16.6 MB | Lang:English Download
15 Final RAP_Hamirpur-Rath_Aug15 Size:15.7 MB | Lang:English Download
16 Executive Summary(RAP)-Hamirpur-Rath_Aug15 Size:558 KB | Lang:English Download
  BID DOCUMENTS AND BOQ UNDER UPCRNDP These documents are just for information and display. For tendering purpose login on .  
17 REOI-Gender Assessment for UPCRNDP Size:101 KB | Lang:English Download
18 UPCRNDP TOR - Gender Assessment Size:163 KB | Lang:English Download
19 EOI for Financial Firm UPCRNDP Size:836 KB | Lang:English Download
20 ToR Financial Management Firm for UPCRNDP Size:135 KB | Lang:English Download
21 Request for Expression of Interest - "Safety Engineering Management Specialist" Size:4.1 MB | Lang:English Download
Civil Works
22 AA/ES for Hamirpur-Rath Road Km 2 to 78 Download
23 AA/ES for Hamirpur-Rath Road Km 118 to 168 Download
24 AA/ES for Gola-Shahjahanpur Road Download
25 AA/ES for Badaun-Bilsi Road Download
Concultancy Work
26  AA/ES for PMC Consultant Download
27 AA/ES for RAP, ESMP, Independent Review Consultant Download
28 AA/ES of 8 Consultancy  Download
29 Approval for appointement of IPO Download
30 Cabinet approval of Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network Development Project Download
31 Approval of Core Road Network Master Plan Download
32  Annulment of Bidding Process Download
33 EOI  and TOR Individual Environmental Expert UPCRNDP Download
34 EOI  and TOR Individual Social Expert UPCRNDP Download
35 Minutes of Pre-bid for Individual Environmental Consultant Download
36 Minutes of Pre-bid for Individual Social Consultant Download
37 R&R Policy UPCRNDP Download
38 TOR of Technolegal 02.02.2018 Download
39  EOI of Technolegal 02.02.2018 Download