ADB's Projects

1 Project Details UPMDRIP Size:586 KB | Lang:English Download
2 Request for Proposals For Selection of Consultants For
Proposed Uttar Pradesh Major District Roads Improvement Project (UPMDRIP)
Package-1 (UP-SC-1) Size:921 KB | Lang:English
3 TOR for NGO UPMDRIP Size:145 KB | Lang:English Download
4 EOI NGO UPMDRIP Size:1.5 MB | Lang:English Download
5 Final DDR_ Bulandshahr-Anoopshahr_IND Uttar Pradesh MDRP Size:1.0 MB | Lang:English Download
6 Final RP Muzarffarnagar-Baraut IND 43574 Size:2.2 MB | Lang:English Download
7 Final RP Aliganj-Soron IND 43574 Size:1.2 MB | Lang:English Download
8 Final RP Haliyapur- Kurebhar IND 43574 Size:1.2 MB | Lang:English Download
9 Final RP Hussainganj-Alipur IND 43574 Size:1.2 MB | Lang:English Download
10 Final RP Kaptangan - Naurangia IND 43574 Size:1.2 MB | Lang:English Download
11 Final RP Mohanlalganj-Morowan -Unnao IND 43574 Size:1.6 MB | Lang:English Download
12 Final RP Nanau-Dadau IND 43574 Size:1.6 MB | Lang:English Download
13 Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report Size:1.6 MB | Lang:English Download
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14 Drawings pertaining to bid documents of Upgradation of MDR No. 58W Bulandshahar- Anoopshahar (Section from km 19.900 to km 56.020) - (Package no. - P 05/UPMDRIP/2015-16) Size:54.2 MB | Lang:English Download
15 Invitation for Bids (16Nov2016)Size:346 KB | Lang:English Download
16 AA/ES of Bulandshahar-Anoopshahar Road (Civil Work) Download
17 AA/ES of Nanau-Dadon Road (Civil Work) Download
18 AA/ES of Haliyapur-Kurebhar Road(Civil Work) Download
19 AA/ES of Hussainganj-Hathgaon-Alipur Road (Civil Work) Download
20 AA/ES of Muzaffarnagar-Baraut Road Download
Consultancy Work
21 AA/ES of DPR Consultant Download
22 AA/ES of Supervision Consultant Download
23 Final List of Roads Download
24 Approval of ADB Project Download
25 Loan Signing with ADB and DEA on 27.06.2017 in presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister, UP Government, Deputy Chief Minister, Director(MI), DEA, GoI, the President of ADB and other dignitories  Download
26 R&R Policy for Asian Development Bank Aided Uttar Pradesh major District Roads Improvement Program Download