Acts & Rules


01 Service Rules
a U.P. Govt. PWD Group "B" Civil Engineering Service Rules, 2004
b Assistant Engineer (Electrical/Mechaniocal) Service Rules, 1993
c Assistant Engineer (Electrical/Mechaniocal) Service Rules, 1999
d Junior Engineer (Civil) (Group "C") Service Rules 2014
e Junior Engineer (Electrical)( Group "C") Service Rules 2014
f Junior Engineer (Mechanical) (Group "C") Service Ranual 2014
g Junior Engineer (computer) Service Rules 1968
h UPPWD Architects Service Rules , 1992
i UPPWD Assistant Architects Service Rules ,1982
j UPPWD Draftsman Establishment Service Rules ,1984 
k UPPWD Research Institution (Scientists Section) Service Rules , 1992
02 Promotional Rules
a. Promotional Rules Size:743 KB | Lang:Hindi
07 UP Govt Servants Conduct Rules 1956 Size:1.97 MB | Lang: English
08 UP Govt Servants Conduct Rules 1956 (Amendment 1998) Size:1.97 MB | Lang:Hindi
09 Contractor's registration and classification rules
a. Classification of Contractors Registration Rules 1982
b. Registration of Contractors Classification Manual Amendment 2007/2008
c. Contractors Classification Rules Size:69.8 KB | Lang:Eng
d. Character Certificate Size:67.1 KB | Lang:Hindi
e. Class 2 digital certificate registration form Size:79.3 KB | Lang:Eng
f. Financial Status (Haisiyat ) Certificate Size:67.6 KB | Lang:Hindi
g. Digital Signature Certificate Request Form Size:142 KB | Lang:Eng
h. E - Tender Registration Form Size:39.3 KB | Lang:Eng
चिकित्सा परिचर्या
11. उ०प्र० सरकारी सेवक (चिकित्सा परिचर्या) नियमावली, 2011 (20/09/2011)
U.P.Govt. Servants (Medical Treatment) (First Amendment) Rules, 2014