Officer's / Employee Details

Name : Post  : Place :
S.No.NameFather NameDesignationCurrent PostingPlaceDate of Joining Date of BirthMobile No.Email Id STD PBXOffice Telephone No.Residence Telephone No.
1 Anil Kumar Sharma Engineer in ChiefDesign & Planning LUCKNOW07/09/201610/03/19599454715304eincdp@gmail.com5222236610  
2 Vijay Kumar Singh Engineer in ChiefE-in-C Development & H.O.D. LUCKNOW01/09/201614/09/19597054222222pwdeinc@gmail.com5222237315 2235693
3 Ramesh Chandra Barnwal Engineer in ChiefRural RoadsLUCKNOW07/09/201601/01/19609415203117encrrlko@gmail.com5222238740 2481975
4 Yugal Kishor Sharma Chief Engineer Civil (Level-2)Joint Managing Director U.P.S.B.C.LUCKNOW15/07/201721/12/19609415088602 522  
5 Harendra Nath Pandey Chief Engineer Civil Level-1Kanpur Zone KanpurKANPUR NAGAR30/05/201711/11/19589451086437 5122304404 2304807
6 Pankaj Bakaya Chief Engineer Civil Level-1 Varanasi Zone VaranasiVARANASI24/08/201607/07/19599415110411pwdvaranasi@gmail.com5422502838 2505140
7 Vishwa Deepak Chief Engineer Civil Level-1J.M.D. U.P. R.N.N. Adl. Ch. M.D. Lucknow LUCKNOW19/07/201725/06/19599415083459 5222720662 2353333
8 Masarrat Noor Khan Chief Engineer Civil Level-2Chief Engineer (Building) LucknowLUCKNOW19/07/201705/01/19589412509733 5222235624  
9 Jitendra Kumar Srivastava Chief Engineer Civil Level-2Chief Engineer (National Highway) LucknowLUCKNOW24/05/201708/01/19599415083728 5222236046  
10 Ram Vinay Kumar Rakesh Chief Engineer Civil Level-2U.P. Rural Roads Development Authority (UPRRDA) Lucknow on DeputationLUCKNOW26/02/201625/05/19599453295023 522